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Hi Geoff i did all my training with you back in the day for Haven when all new sales people were sent away for a few weeks to Hemel hempstead. I am running a park now which has never really been sales focussed before and trying to bring it up to speed using my experience from my last 11 yrs with the Talacre beach group. i am finding it difficult to get customers (walk-ins) to park tour as there is a lot of competition around me and all they want is a price list and then they are bolting out the door….Also the owners seem to be a bit wary as they haver only ever upgraded when they decide!!!

Shaun Roberts


Hello Shaun, I remember you very well and am glad to hear from you. You won’t make much progress handing out price lists and without taking people on tour it’s hard to get people interested in the merits of the park so your dilemma is very real. You’ll need to stop people in their tracks when they come in. I think you need to face the situation head on and say something along the lines of, “Most people who are looking for a holiday home around here just shop from park to park comparing prices. Then after they buy something they begin to find out that perhaps the park isn’t right for them after all. We get people coming in quite often asking what it costs to move onto (this park). Before you fall into that trap, decide what you really want from a park and figure out your budget and shop properly. I’m quite happy to help you know which park offers what around here… I know we can’t satisfy everybody and each person has their own particular needs. Tell me what they are and I’ll point you in the right direction.” Then I think you should have some POS which identifies the key benefits of your park and what you offer. That would be facilities, tenure, pricing, site-fees, customer service, family-owned or whatever sets you apart even just a little bit. Next you must learn all of the key advantages and drawbacks of the competition. i.e.: More facilities but higher site-fees. Great pitches, but no pool. Cheap site fees but very old caravans looking like an eye-sore. This will help you narrow down people’s choices for them. You must be prepared to send some away to look elsewhere but also those that stay will have recognised you are genuine. They’ll know that no park is perfect, all are a compromise of one kind or other and it’s a matter of what your compromises are and whether they match their shopping list. All of this is like a pre-tour mini-presentation. It’s also an intent statement of sorts. If you find you struggle when compared to the competition that may tell you something and you might need more help. Let me know. Keep in touch! Geoff

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