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Raising desire


Hi Geoff. I know that the key to closing a sale is to raise the customers desire for the product, and this in turn will then lower the logic/cost of the product, but could you help me with some key points on how to raise the customer’s desire please?



Gosh that’s a big question Beth, you are talking about the whole idea of what a salesperson does, so if you think you are having trouble raising desire let’s go back to basics: The customer will pay for something if he/she wants it. The more they want it, the more they’ll pay (although you have to be aware of the competition in this). So, what makes someone want something? It’s all to do with them predicting for themselves how it will make them feel. If they imagine they will feel fantastic, they’ll want it more, but if they only imagine it will be sort-of-alright, then they won’t be in quite such a hurry. This is where you come in. If you can really gain an understanding of their lifestyle and usage, their specific needs, wants, desires and so on, you can paint the pictures of their future which include all of the ‘feel-good’ benefits of ownership. The better you are at painting pictures they recognise as relevant (accurate portrayals of their use), the more likely they are to put themselves in those pictures, experience something like excitement or deep satisfaction and consequently want to make the purchase. Assuming they want to make the purchase, it now has to become urgent or it will just be a ‘one day’ thing. THESE ARE THE MOTIVES THEY WISH TO MOVE AWAY FROM: 1. Life’s too short to wait, they need it NOW 2. The current one they own (if they do), will go wrong/let them down badly/continue to be inadequate/fcontinue to fall in value 3. The one they want will be sold/go up in price 4. They will miss out/be left behind/appear foolish. THESE ARE THE MOTIVES THEY WISH TO MOVE TOWARDS: 1. They will be envied by others 2. They will be making a statement of their success, good sense and happiness 3. Life will be better with the new one 4. Troubles and worries will be behind them. I hope that helps!

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